Accessibility Awareness Training

This practical, easy-to-use online training will build confidence in your managers, supervisors and employees on how to support persons with disabilities.

The training covers: How does the Accessible Canada Act define disability? How to prevent and remove physical, technological, attitudinal and communication barriers described in the Act?

What are the 8 most common myths about hiring persons with disabilities and how to dispel them?

Available in French and English.


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How to develop a workplace accommodation policy: purpose of the policy, duty to accommodate as required by the canadian human rights commission, undue hardship exemption, roles and responsibilities, employee and job applicant requests and documentation, medical information requirements.

How to keep employees with disabilities safe during emergencies. How employees with disabilities can notify you confidentially about their needs during an emergency. What information you should include in an employee workplace emergency response plan.


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Our online training courses follow a stringent design process to ensure your employees receive the highest quality training possible. Our subject matter experts and instructional designers create each course one step at a time making sure each course meets and holds up to the highest standards. Each course is evaluated by both employees and instructors to be sure all learning outcomes have been covered and the teaching methods were effective. Feedback from each course is used to assist in the redevelopment of current courses and need for future courses.